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Guidance for anyone feeling over-stressed, over-tired and overwhelmed

"When did you get so old?"

Do you sometimes have this thought when you catch yourself in the mirror? Are the bags under your eyes more like suitcases? And have they become a permanent fixture on your face???

Do you remember how you felt when you were 20? The energy, the vitality, the lust for life? Now it's everything you can do to make it to the end of the day on less than 5 cups of coffee and a mid-afternoon energy bar.

What happened?

Life. Life happened. You have work, kids, bills, a mortgage, stress. You are under a lot of stress.

You are not alone. Chronic stress has become ever present in modern society. But here's the thing: our bodies are poorly equipped to deal with chronic levels of stress. We are great at handling acute stress (like the sudden emergence of a tiger!) but chronic stress wears us down, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Here's the problem - there's no avoiding the stresses of life. You can't give up and hide. You aren't a child anymore. You have responsibilities. No, instead you have to learn how to best equip yourself to deal with the challenges of life.

That's exactly where this course comes in.


  • Learn why you should be guarding your sleep with ferocity and how to ensure you're sleeping deeply and restoratively every night.
  • Learn relaxation techniques that will help you deal with everyday stresses.
  • Learn why a sense of connection is so important in the maintenance of mental health and how build stronger connections in your life.
  • Learn why you neglect your relationships at your peril and how to build deeper, longer lasting and more nourishing ones.

Hi, I’m Sean O’Leary and I’d like to talk to you a little bit about my journey...

Back, in my late forties I was deeply unhappy. I was a fat, immobile and completely unfit Finance Director who drank too much and was thoroughly dissatisfied with my life!!

Why was I so frustrated when I had a loving family, a comfortable lifestyle and good social network? The problem was that, more than anything, I was dissatisfied with myself. I was unfulfilled – lost really!

Having taken stock, I then did some work on myself over a five-year period. As part of my inner work, to become more self-aware, I trained in Applied Psychology, Performance Coaching and continued my life-long study of the great thinkers. As part of my outer, physical work, I trained in yoga and gymnastics and explored nutrition and all aspects of wellbeing - becoming lean, strong and flexible. Importantly, I also found purpose and meaning in my business life – something I had struggled with for 30 years.

Many important discoveries are shared with you in this course.


You need to look after yourself. Not just for you but for everyone around you, everyone that needs you, everyone that relies on you....they need you at your best. You mustn't settle for wandering through life like a caffeine-fuelled zombie - you deserve so much more than that.


  • You'll sleep like a baby! Consistently getting sufficient sleep is a game-changer. It's the single most important thing you can do for your mental and physical health. You will feel stronger, more stress-resistant, more stable, more focused....even younger!
  • You'll become stress-proof - There's no way to escape from the stresses of life, but you can sure as hell become better at dealing with them! The relaxation module will teach you how to do just that.
  • You'll find support - We humans are social creatures and it's deeply ingrained in us to have the support of our tribe. If you feel like you've been shouldering the burden of life on your own, our modules on connection and relationships will help you find nourishment from those around you.
  • BONUS - We've included a short yoga sequence that you can follow along with in the evenings after a long, tough day. Feel the stresses of life melt away as you lose yourself in movement and prepare yourself for a night of restorative sleep.

Your Course Tutor

Sean O'Leary

Sean is a serial entrepreneur and wellness expert. Since retiring from his first business at 34, some 20 years ago, he has been searching for and experimenting with better ways to do business and better ways to live. This course draws on Sean’s detailed studies in movement, nutrition, performance psychology, meditation, philosophy and the wider aspects of wellbeing. Sean’s passion and purpose are to share with subscribers, practical tools, tips and techniques to express the very best version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionall.

Investing in yourself is the smartest investment you can make, but it is also one of the scariest. To take any fear or reservations off the table, we are offering a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. Decide our course is not for you? No problem, simply let us know (info@fittolead.uk.com) and you’ll have all your money back in no time at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Whenever you want. The course is completely self paced. You will have access to all of it as soon as you enrol, and can devour it as fast as you like.
What if the course isn't for me?
No problem, let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll be happy to return your money.
What will I need to complete the course?
Nothing (except an open mind, a desire to grow and a willingness to face a challenge)
I’m not in good shape. Will the course be too hard for me?
Absolutely not, the course is designed to be adjustable to all abilities - whatever your past or current circumstances, as long as you truly want to radically improve your life, we can help you.
I have more questions…
No worries. Drop us an email at info@fittolead.uk.com and we’d be happy to answer any other queries you might have.

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